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Hospital Patient Beside Locker Cabinet

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  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ample Storage Space
  • Mobility
  • Safety

Ergonomic Design

The one-piece plastic molded drawers and smooth surfaces make cleaning effortless, ensuring a hygienic environment.

 With their lightweight design and ergonomic accessibility, the drawers are easy to maneuver, allowing for seamless organization and retrieval of essential items.

The sturdy corner buffers add durability, ensuring the longevity of the cabinet. 

Experience the perfect combination of practicality and durability with our patient bedside locker cabinet.

Ample Storage Space

Our healthcare patient bedside locker cabinet offers exceptional storage and organization solutions for healthcare settings. 

It features a large bottom drawer with an internal shelf, providing ample space to store essential items and keep them well-organized. 

The convenient bottle holder can securely hold three 1.5L bottles, ensuring easy access to fluids and medications. 


Our patient bedside locker cabinet is designed with mobility and stability in mind. 

It is equipped with free 65mm castors and kick stop castors, allowing for effortless movement and secure positioning wherever it's needed. 

You can easily maneuver the cabinet to the desired location, ensuring convenient access to patient essentials. 


To provide added security, the medical locker cabinet offers locking options, including suited locking and Master keys, allowing you to control access and protect sensitive items.


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