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Hospital Room Bedside Cabinet with Locking Drawer

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Combines functionality, stability, and esthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.
Castors with brakes:
Option :

Locking drawers for secure storage

Safety and security are prioritized with the inclusion of hospital bedside cabinet with locking drawers. 

his feature provides peace of mind by allowing users to securely store valuable items or confidential documents. 

The lock ensures that contents remain protected and confidential, enhancing patient privacy and overall security.

One side sliding drawer

The bedside cabinet with lock features a convenient one-side sliding drawer, allowing for easy access and storage of personal items. 

This drawer is designed to smoothly glide open and closed, providing quick and hassle-free retrieval of belongings.

Two shelves

The hospital bed side cabinet is equipped with two shelves for ample storage space. This allows for efficient organization of essential items such as books, medications, personal care products, and more. 

Mobile and Stable

The locker is equipped with four castors, making it highly mobile and easy to maneuver. This allows for effortless repositioning of the locker within the room or between different areas. 

Additionally, two of the castors are fitted with brakes, providing stability and preventing unintended movement when the locker is in a stationary position. 


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