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Hospital Plastic ABS Bedside Cabinet with Drawers

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An excellent choice for healthcare facilities seeking reliable storage solutions for patient rooms.

ABS plastic

ABS plastic construction ensures a safe and hygienic storage environment with its non-toxic and anti-rust properties.

 This hospital bedside cabinet with drawers is easy to clean and provides hassle-free maintenance, contributing to a clean and sterile healthcare setting.

Trolley top design

Equipped with a top trolley design, this hospital bedside cabinet prevents items from falling off during movement, providing added security and convenience. 

Folding debris rack

Enhancing functionality, the folding debris rack provides a convenient solution for hanging towels or other items during transportation, optimizing storage space and ensuring easy accessibility.

Adjustable Partition

The adjustable partition allows for customization and flexibility in organizing the hospital casework cabinet's interior, enabling users to create separate compartments based on their specific storage requirements.


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