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Lockable Medical Supply Storage Cabinets

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Cuboc's  purpose-built lockable cabinet delivers secure storage and convenient accessibility for healthcare facilities.
Shelf Weight Capacity :
Method of Construction:
Surface treatment:
Locking Cabinet:

Stainless Steel Construction

Made from 18 gauge steel with a #4 brushed finish, these medical supply  cabinets are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of hospital environments, providing a durable and visually appealing medication storage solution for medical supplies.

Constructed from 304 stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion and acid, these cabinets are specifically built to handle the challenges of daily use in hospital settings. 

Light-restricted storage solution

Different from cabinets with glass windows, these lockable medical supply cabinets are designed with solid doors, completely preventing light from entering the storage space. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for storing medications or sensitive supplies that require a light-free environment to maintain their effectiveness and integrity. 

By providing a light-restricted storage solution, these cabinets ensure that light-sensitive medications are protected from potential degradation and maintain their potency for optimal patient care.

Secure Locking

Equipped with a 3-point recessed stainless steel paddle handle, the locked medication cabinet offer secure locking, ensuring that valuable medical supplies are safely stored and accessible only to authorized personnel

With User experience in Mind 

The 18 gauge full-length piano hinge ensures the doors operate smoothly and withstand frequent use in a hospital environment.

Adjustable Storage Space

With four shelves that can be adjusted in height at 2-1/2" increments and a substantial weight capacity of 500 lbs. per shelf

These hospital medical cabinet for sale cabinets for sale  provide customizable storage options for various medical supplies.

Adjustable leveling feet for various Space

The adjustable leveling feet allow for easy positioning and stability on uneven surfaces, making these cabinets suitable for different areas within a hospital.

Whether placed in patient rooms, medical offices, or supply rooms, these cabinets provide a secure and organized storage solution for essential medical supplies, ensuring quick access and efficient inventory management.


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