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2 Door Hospital Staff Lockers

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  • Durability
  • Cushion
  • Customized Locking System
  • Enhanced air circulation
  • Hang Rails


These 2 Door Hospital Staff lockers feature welded and riveted steel construction, guaranteeing exceptional strength and longevity. 

With an anti-bacterial coating, they provide enhanced hygiene and cleanliness for a safe storage solution. 


The inclusion of cushion blocking protects the powder surface, ensuring a smooth and reliable opening experience. 

Our Hospital Staff Lockers are the perfect choice for hospitals, offering both durability and hygiene for secure storage of personal belongings.

Customized Locking System

Our Hospital Staff Lockers prioritize security and locking to safeguard personal belongings. 

Each locker is supplied with cylinder locks as standard, providing a reliable and secure storage solution. 

We also offer alternative lock options to cater to specific needs and preferences. 

With our Hospital Staff Lockers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable items are protected within a robust and customizable locking system.

Enhanced air circulation

With a ventilated design at the top and bottom, these lockers allow for improved airflow, ensuring a fresh and hygienic storage environment. 

The enhanced air circulation helps to prevent the buildup of odors and moisture, creating a clean and comfortable space for storing personal belongings in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Hang rails

Each locker is equipped with a hanging rail fitted as standard, providing a convenient solution for storing garments such as uniforms, lab coats, and scrubs. 

Additionally, the inclusion of a hanging rod offers added convenience, allowing users to easily hang their clothing without worrying about wrinkles or creases. 


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