Projects of Hongye Furniture
Why Choose US

Holistic Solutions

You will have complete and integrated furniture solutions for every space in the hospital, ensuring a seamless and cohesive environment. 

Customized Service

Tailoring designs to Your specific needs and preferences, while collaborating closely throughout the entire process from Space plan to furniture size

Affordable Price

High-quality furniture at reasonable prices, maximizing the value and satisfaction of clients' investments.

Nurse Station
We offer a wide range of furniture solutions for hospital nurse stations to meet all of your needs and ensure a comfortable and efficient working environment for healthcare professionals.

Consultation Room  

From workstation to exam bed, Cuboc provide all furnitures needed in a hospital consultation room.
Waiting Area
Enhance the patient experience with Cuboc's complete solution for hospital waiting areas, featuring stylish and comfortable beam chairs and functional tables.
Patient Room
At Cuboc, we offer customized solutions for patient rooms, ranging from standard rooms to specialized ICU units. 
 Nursing Home
Cuboc understands the importance of providing functional and comfortable furniture that promotes a pleasant living experience for nursing home residents.
From medication areas, blood testing stations, and baby care areas.​Cuboc can provide a comprehensive furniture solution for you.​​​​​​
Enhance safety, comfort, and functionality with our premium healthcare and medical furniture. At HONGYE, we are dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your facility. Explore our range of products and experience the difference in patient care and operational efficiency. 
Contact us today to learn how HONGYE can elevate your healthcare space.