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Medical Storage Cabinets with Drawers on Wheels

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The cabinet with wheels are typically equipped with locking mechanisms to ensure the security and safety of the stored items during transportation.

Wheel for Mobility

With the inclusion of high-quality 5" medical-grade casters, this medical storage cabinets on wheels guarantees stability and effortless maneuverability across diverse floor surfaces.

Ample storage capacity

With five adjustable shelves on each side, providing a total of ten shelves, and two drews for medical supply storage,  there is plenty of room to accommodate various medical supplies, including suture boxes. 

The adjustable nature of the shelves allows for flexible storage options, ensuring efficient organization and easy access to the stored items.

Safety and security


Safety and security are paramount when it comes to medical storage, and the Cuboc’s Cart delivers.

Our Medical supply cabinets on wheels is equipped with two sets of lockable tempered glass doors, providing a clear view of the cart's contents while ensuring the medicine and supplies are protected from unauthorized access. 

This feature promotes a safe and controlled environment for medication storage, giving medical professionals peace of mind.


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