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Swivel Leather Recliner Chair And A Half

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  • Square arm
  • No-sag steel sinuous springs
  • Down-blend-wrapped cushions
  • Loose cushions
  • Dried hardwood and corner-blocked frame
Width Depth Height :
Weight Limit:
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Square arm

The leather reclining chair and a half features square-shaped arms, which add a modern and sleek aesthetic to the overall design. 

Square arms are known for their clean lines and contemporary appeal.

No-sag steel sinuous springs

The leather chair and half recliner's cushion support system is built with no-sag steel sinuous springs.

These springs are designed to provide excellent durability and resilience. 

They help maintain the shape and integrity of the cushions over time, ensuring long-lasting comfort and support.

Down-blend-wrapped cushion

The cushions of the chair are wrapped in a down-blend material. 

This means that the cushions have a soft and plush feel, providing a cozy seating experience. 

The down-blend wrap adds an extra layer of comfort and enhances the overall luxuriousness of the chair.

Loose cushions

The leather recliner chair and a half features loose cushions, which means that the seat and back cushions are not permanently attached to the frame. 

This allows for easy removal and fluffing, making it convenient to maintain and adjust the cushions for optimal comfort.

Corner-blocked frame

The chair is constructed with a frame made of hardwood. 

Cuboc removes moisture from the wood, making it more resistant to warping, splitting, cracking, and developing mildew. 

Additionally, the frame is corner-blocked, which means that the corners of the frame are reinforced for enhanced structural integrity and stability.


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