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Leather Recliner Chair with Wooden Legs for Heavy Person

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  • hardwood and plywood frame
  • Upholstered with 100% top grain leather
  • mid-century modern style
  • drop-in coil seating
Product in inches:
Weight Capacity:

Heavy Duty Construction and Material

The leather and wood recliner chair is built with a sturdy hardwood and plywood frame, ensuring durability and stability. 

The robust wood structure provides a heavy-duty function and a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

Upholstered with 100% top grain leather, it offers a luxurious and high-quality seating experience.

 The top-grain aniline-dyed leather used in the recliner will develop a natural patina over time, enhancing its visual appeal and softening with use.

Design and Style

This recliner chair with wooden legs features a solid wood exposed frame in a chestnut finish, embodying mid-century modern style. 

Its clean lines and minimalist design create a sleek silhouette. 

It is a versatile seating option for living rooms, offices, or bedrooms with limited space.


The recliner chair for heavy person offers drop-in coil seating for responsive support and even weight distribution. 

It includes a padded footrest for added comfort and relaxation. 

The 3-position recliner mechanism allows easy adjustment of the backrest for personalized sitting, reclining, or napping positions.

Maintenance and Care

The heavy duty reclining chair is crafted with easy maintenance in mind.

 It features a fabric cleaning code that recommends wiping gently with a damp cloth for cleaning.

 It is important to avoid using cleaners, soaps, or waxes on the leather upholstery, ensuring its longevity and preserving its quality.


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