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Yellow High Leg Reclining Chair with Low Back

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  • High Leg Design
  • Wooden Base
  • Down-blend-wrapped cushion
  • Footrest
  • Low back
Width Depth Height :
Weight Limit:
Base Material:

High Leg Design

The low back recliner chair showcases a high leg design, where the legs are positioned higher above the ground. 

This design not only enhances the recliner's visual appeal but also facilitates convenient cleaning and can harmonize with other furniture items.

Wooden Base

The yellow recliner chair stands on graceful tapered legs crafted from beech wood.

These legs add an elegant aesthetic with their warm and vibrant color, as well as their straight, finely grained appearance. 

Made from durable beech wood, they can be polished to maintain their pristine look and withstand everyday use.

Down-blend-wrapped cushion

Button-tufted stitching helps to secure the upholstery to the underlying padding or frame of the recliner. 

The buttons or tufts are typically attached to the fabric, which is pulled tightly over the padding or frame, ensuring that it remains in place and maintains its shape over time. 

The stitching can also help distribute the padding or foam evenly across the backrest, providing optimal comfort and support. 

It helps to prevent the upholstery from sagging or shifting, ensuring a consistent and comfortable seating experience.


The footrest allows you to elevate your legs and feet, promoting better blood circulation and reducing pressure on the lower body. 

The combination of a reclining backrest and an accompanying footrest ensures a more complete and comfortable reclining experience. 

It allows you to fully stretch out and unwind, providing optimal relaxation for your entire body.

Low back 

The low back design is ideal for smaller spaces or rooms with low ceilings. 

It allows the recliner to fit well in compact areas without overpowering the space or feeling visually heavy.

Due to its lower height, the recliner can be placed under windows or in front of shelving units without obstructing the view or interfering with the placement of decorative items.


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