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Hospital Stretcher Bed on Wheels for Ambulance

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  • Affordable, Lightweight, and Durable
  • Easy Operation and Versatility
  • Adjustable Ends for Optimal Positioning
  • Perfect for Elevators and Confined Spaces
  • Safety Features: Vest-Style Safety Belts
  • Quick and Convenient Patient Loading
  • Easy-to-Use Foldaway Mechanism
  • Protective Features: Bumper Rails and Siderails
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Heavy-Duty Locking Wheels
  • Secure Transportation: Vehicle Locking Device
Weight Limit:

Easy Operation and Versatility

The rolling stretcher bed is specifically designed to ensure ease of operation for medical professionals. 

It can be effortlessly folded into a transport chair, allowing medical personnel to navigate through tight spaces, such as narrow corridors or elevators, with ease.

 This versatility enables smooth and efficient patient transport, even in challenging environments.

Adjustable Ends for Optimal Positioning

    Both ends of the stretcher trolley  bed can be adjusted to twelve different positions, providing flexibility for medical professionals to position the patient according to their specific medical needs. 

    This adaptability is crucial for ensuring patient comfort and optimizing medical care during transportation.

    Perfect for Elevators and Confined Spaces

    The compact design of the stretcher bed makes it particularly suitable for maneuvering in elevators and navigating through confined spaces commonly found in hospitals. 

    With a load capacity of 350 lbs and a maximum vehicle loading height of 26.5 inches, it is well-suited for seamless patient transfer within the hospital premises.

    Safety Features

    Patient safety is a top priority in ambulance transportation. 

    The stretcher bed for ambulance comes equipped with vest-style safety belts, which securely hold the patient in place during transport, minimizing the risk of injury.

     This feature ensures the patient's stability and provides peace of mind for medical professionals.

    Quick and Convenient Patient Loading

     The stretcher bed offers five pre-set positions that can be easily adjusted, catering to the needs of patients who cannot tolerate a flat position for an extended period.

    The ambulance bed with wheels is designed with a user-friendly foldaway mechanism.

     The mechanical foldaway legs can be controlled using the handles on either end of the stretcher. 

    When loading the patient into the vehicle, the legs automatically fold under the stretcher, optimizing space utilization and facilitating smooth and efficient transportation.

     With the ability to be operated by a single person, it streamlines the process of loading the patient into an emergency vehicle, allowing for faster response times and reducing the strain on healthcare personnel.


    The stretcher bed is equipped with heavy-duty locking wheels, which enable medical professionals to maneuver it with ease. 

    This feature ensures smooth and controlled movement, allowing for precise positioning and stability during transportation.


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