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Medical Examination and Procedure Reclining Chair

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  • Adjustable function for Patient Comfort
  • Minor Procedures and Optional Features
  • Base and Control Features
  • Durability and Safety
Base dimensions:
Standard electrical: :

Adjustable function for Patient Comfort


Dual-side operation allows easy control from both sides while maintaining patient contact. 

The adjustable concave headrest offers superior head and neck support, locking with a single hand. 

Upholstered armrests provide security and comfort, locking in place and releasing on both sides. 

The large hinged footrest supports the patient's weight and conveniently tilts out of the way to save space. The corded footswitch enables hands-free operation of the chair base and top, while dual rotation locks allow a 330° swivel for optimal positioning.

Minor Procedures and Optional Features

Cuboc's medical procedure chair is designed to accommodate minor procedures. 

It reclines nearly flat, ensuring patient comfort during medical treatments.

Additionally, we offer optional non-articulating pillow headrest and articulating surgical headrest features, providing customizable support for specific procedures

Base and Control Features

The square pedestal base of our Metal Reclining Sleeper Chair ensures crucial patient stability and superior accessibility.

With finger switches and a corded footswitch, you can effortlessly raise, lower, or recline the chair into any desired position without interrupting patient contact. 

We offer both high and low base models to suit your specific needs.

Durability and Safety

Cuboc's medical examination chairis built to last. 

The programmable backlit membrane switches not only last 10 times longer than mechanical counterparts but also operate at low voltages, ensuring increased safety.

 The hand-sewn upholstery covers high-density foam, providing long-lasting durability. 

For easy maintenance, the removable cushions can be cleaned or replaced as needed. 


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