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Stationary Wooden Treatment Adjustable Table with Shelf

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Cuboc  is committed to providing customized furniture solution.
Adjustable Range:

(1)  Stationary Design

Unlike portable or mobile tables that can be moved or shifted, the stationary design means that once the table is positioned in place, it remains fixed and secure.

(2) Adjustable Function


The table is equipped with a 30" long gas spring backrest that offers a tilt range of 0-75 degrees, providing optimal positioning and support for patients during treatments

(3) Natural wood material.

The Wooden Structure provides a stable and long-lasting surface for medical equipment like our Wooden Treatment Adjustable Table 

 Additionally, natural wood is eco-friendly and can be easily maintained, making it a practical and sustainable choice


The shelf underneath the top of our Treatment Table provides convenient storage space for essential supplies and equipment, keeping them easily accessible during treatments. 

It helps to optimize workflow and maintain an organized treatment environment, ensuring efficiency and smooth operation. 

(5) Customization available

Cuboc offers OEM options, allowing the hospital to customize the Wooden Medical treatment table according to their specific requirements and preferences.


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