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Hospital Adjustable Healthcare Recovery Couch

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Cuboc  is committed to providing customized solution to Hospital Adjustable Healthcare Recovery Couch

(1) Thick reinforced upholstery

The soft

 treatment platform features thick reinforced upholstery and a knitted platform, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients. 

The high-quality materials used in its construction guarantee long-lasting comfort and support, allowing patients to feel at ease during their healthcare journey.

(2)  Customizable Backrest Positions

With the medical exam table's adjustable backrest, medical professionals have the flexibility to position patients in multiple angles providing optimal comfort and facilitating seamless medical examinations

(3)  Safety and Durability

The table is designed to be washable, stain-resistant, and hygienic, promoting a clean and sanitary environment for medical procedures.

With its rounded corners, the table ensures a safe and comfortable experience for patients, minimizing the risk of injuries.

(4) Customization available

Cuboc offers OEM options, allowing the hospital to customize the Medical treatment table according to their specific requirements and preferences.


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