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Adjustable Black Sports Medicine Treatment Table with Storage for Athletic Training

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Cuboc  is committed to providing customized solution to Adjustable Sports Medicine Treatment Table with Storage for Athletic Training
Color :
Maximum User Weight :
Diameter of Legs:

(1)  Storage Space for Athletic training 

The optional storage solutions, including drawer units, mobile storage cabinet, and pull-out work surfaces. 

The Treatment bed are able to provide convenient organization and accessibility for athletic training equipment and supplies.

(2) Adjustable for Sport Medicine Treatment

Designed specifically for sports medicine treatment, our treatment table prioritizes stability and durability to meet the unique needs of athletes.

The stylish 60mm diameter legs not only add a touch of sophistication but also ensure exceptional stability during treatments, accommodating the rigorous movements and positioning required in sports medicine.

(3) Anti-bacterial Upholstery

In addition to its functional design, the treatment table boasts a sleek titanium effect "high gloss" finish and black anti-bacterial upholstery. 

This combination of aesthetics and hygiene makes the table visually appealing while maintaining a clean and sanitized treatment environment. 

The anti-bacterial upholstery ensures a hygienic surface for athletes, reducing the risk of infections or cross-contamination.

(4) Customization available

Cuboc offers OEM options, allowing the hospital to customize the Medical treatment table according to their specific requirements and preferences.


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