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Recovery Injection Chair for Medical Treatment

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  • Reclining Effect
  • Ergonomic design
  • Infusion stand
  • Medical Grade Material
  • Adjustability
Overall Size:
Back Rest Adjustable :
Item Weight:

Reclining Effect 

 The dual-purpose infusion chair offers a remarkable reclining effect, allowing

 easy adjustment to a suitable position and comfortable angle. 

This ensures that patients have a more enjoyable and relaxed experience during their treatment.

 With its versatile functionality, the chair serves as both an infusion chair and an accompanying chair, providing optimal comfort and convenience.

Ergonomic design

The medical treatment chair's comfortable seat armrest is filled with high-quality thick sponge, ensuring a cozy seating experience. 

Whether patients want to chat, read, or simply relax, the curved armrest design alleviates pressure on the arm's surface, promoting enhanced comfort.

 The ergonomic design of the chair's headrest protects the spine and promotes overall health. 

The headrest is made of highly resilient sponge, striking a perfect balance between softness and firmness. Its moderate height ensures a comfortable sleep experience.

Infusion stand

The unique foot pedal design enhances safety and comfort, providing a stable and secure base for patients.

 Additionally, the chair includes hooks on the top of the infusion stand, facilitating the hanging of bottles for easy access and convenience.

 Medical Grade Material

Crafted with utmost attention to quality, the chair is constructed using water-proof medical leather and covers, ensuring a pleasant, hygienic, and easy-to-clean seating surface. 

This feature is particularly beneficial in hospital settings where cleanliness and infection control are of utmost importance. 

The high-quality powder-coated frame not only adds to the chair's durability and longevity but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. 

With 3" casters equipped with individual brakes, the recovery  chair offers excellent maneuverability and control, making it an ideal choice for various medical procedures and patient transport within the hospital environment.


The injection medical chair's versatility is further enhanced by its adjustable features. 

The handles located on the left side allow users to control the angle of the back and leg sections, enabling personalized comfort settings. 

With a simple toggle of the handle, patients can adjust the chair to their preferred position, ensuring optimal relaxation and support. 

The armrest height is also adjustable and can swing out 180°, accommodating individual preferences and enhancing overall comfort.


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