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Rolling Medical Supply Computer Carts with Drawers on Wheels

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Cuboc provides customized solution to your hospital furniture.
Load Capacity:

Integrated Design

The Hospital Mobile computer cart features an all-in-one design, where the computer host is integrated into the workstation itself. 

This design ensures a clean and organized work surface, without any visible cables or wires. 

The built-in battery adds to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the workstation.


The Medical Cart is equipped with multiple drawers that provide convenient storage for various medical supplies and accessories.

The drawers are designed to accommodate different items, ensuring easy organization and quick access.


The workstation is built with high-quality wheels that enable effortless mobility and flexibility.

With their reliable locking mechanism, the wheels provide stability and secure positioning when the workstation needs to remain stationary, ensuring safety and preventing unwanted movement.

Operating Surface

The tabletop of the rolling medication cart  provides ample space for various tasks. 

Its dimensions are 46x48cm with a thickness of 2cm. What makes it unique is its expandable feature. 

The keyboard tray is cleverly embedded within one of the drawers, creating a seamless and integrated design.

 When not in use, the keyboard and mouse can be conveniently hidden inside the tray, maintaining a clutter-free appearance. This setup allows for easy access to the keyboard and mouse whenever needed.

Tabletop Structure

The bottom of the tabletop is made of ABS material, which is a durable and lightweight plastic. 

The ABS material ensures stability and strength, providing a reliable surface for work and equipment placement


The workstation is designed to be customizable according to the user's needs.

Additional cabinets and smart medicine boxes can be added to the cart, offering enhanced storage options.

 The separation between the tabletop and cabinets allows for flexibility and adaptability. 

Integrated Tabletop Handle

The tabletop features an integrated handle made of seamless cast aluminum.

 This design eliminates any joints or connections, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. 

The handle is directly connected to both ends of the tabletop, forming a closed loop. 

This ergonomic handle allows for easy maneuverability and transport of the workstation.

Monitor Fixed Bracket

The workstation includes a fixed bracket for the monitor. 

This bracket allows for independent vertical adjustment of the monitor height by ≥15cm

It supports both landscape and portrait orientations, providing versatility for different work tasks and preferences.

Body Lifting

The workstation incorporates a lifting mechanism for easy height adjustment.

The base of the workstation is connected to an internal column that remains stationary, while the external column is connected to the tabletop.

This setup enables smooth and seamless up and down lifting of the workstation, allowing users to find their preferred ergonomic position


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