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Hospital Medication Dispensing And Delivery Cart

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  • Tilt & locking tray runner system
  • integration with other products
  • castors with brakes
  • tamper-resistant locking door
  • removable top shelf
  • easy-clean design and materials

Tilt & locking tray runner system

Our medication dispensing cart is equipped with a tilt and locking tray runner system, ensuring secure and stable tray positioning. 

This feature allows for easy access to medications while preventing accidental spills or tray movement.

100mm castors with front brakes

Mobility is essential in a healthcare setting, which is why our medication dispensing cart is equipped with 100mm castors. 

These high-quality medication delivery carts castors provide smooth movement and easy maneuverability, allowing healthcare professionals to transport the cart with ease. 

The front brakes ensure stability and prevent unintended movement when the cart needs to remain stationary.

Optional tamper-resistant locking door

We understand the importance of medication security, which is why our medication dispensing cart offers an optional tamper-resistant locking door.

This additional security feature provides an extra layer of protection for valuable medications and helps prevent unauthorized access.

Easy clean design and materials

Hygiene is a top priority in healthcare environments, and our medication dispensing cart is designed with this in mind.

The cart features an easy-to-clean design and materials, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning to maintain a clean and sterile environment.


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