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Medical Treatment Carts for Hospital

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  • ABS material
  • Hidden auxiliary workbench
  • Mute casters
  • Increased Capacity
  • Telescopic infusion stand
  • Central locking

ABS material

Our Hospital Emergency Crash Carts are designed to meet the specific demands of medical treatment. 

The use of high-quality ABS material ensures a safe and reliable storage solution for medicines and equipment, catering to the needs of healthcare professionals in emergency situations

Hidden auxiliary workbench

Our Medical Treatment Cart is equipped with hidden auxiliary workbench, providing additional workspace for healthcare professionals to perform necessary procedures and treatments. 

The cart also features a defibrillation board, ensuring quick access to life-saving equipment during emergencies. 

With an active power cord, the cart allows for seamless connectivity to power sources, enabling the use of electronic medical devices and ensuring uninterrupted workflow. 

Mute casters

The inclusion of universal mute wheels with anti-skid and wear-resistant features allows for seamless and quiet movement, enabling healthcare providers to swiftly navigate through medical facilities while maintaining a peaceful and focused treatment environment.

Increased capacity

To optimize storage space, our crash carts are designed to provide increased capacity. 

The layout of drawers and shelves is carefully planned to maximize the available space, allowing for efficient organization and storage of medical supplies and equipment.

 With the increased capacity, healthcare professionals can easily access the necessary items during critical situations.

Telescopic infusion stand

 Our crash carts are equipped with a telescopic infusion stand, which provides a convenient solution for administering intravenous fluids or medications during treatment. 

The telescopic design allows for adjustable height, accommodating different patient needs and ensuring comfortable and efficient delivery of care.

Central locking

The body of the crash carts features a central locking drawer system, enhancing the security of stored goods. 

With the central locking mechanism, all the drawers can be securely locked with a single action, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safety and integrity of the stored medical supplies and equipment. 

This central locking system provides added peace of mind and helps maintain a controlled and organized storage environment within the crash carts.


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