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Hospital Anesthesia Supply Carts for Sale

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  • Flexible drawers
  •  5" easy roll casters 
  • Extendable topborad for Anethesia
  •  Durability and Resilience Customization

Flexible drawers 

The drawers of this cart are made of injection-molded ABS plastic, providing a lightweight yet sturdy storage solution. 

The ball-bearing rails enable smooth sliding of the fully extendable drawers, allowing easy access to stored items. 

Each drawer has a generous load capacity of 45 kg, accommodating a variety of items.

The adjustable drawer dividers allow you to create custom compartments, ensuring efficient organization of anesthesia supplies for quick and easy retrieval during procedures.

5" easy roll casters

Mobility is crucial in anesthesia settings, and our cart delivers exceptional maneuverability. 

The anesthesia supply cart is equipped with 5" easy roll casters, two of which have brakes for secure positioning during anesthesia administration. 

These casters are designed to provide smooth and quiet movement, allowing for easy transport of the cart within operating rooms or other medical settings

Extendable topborad for Anethesia

Anesthesia requires precise and timely access to essential equipment and supplies.

Our Anesthesia Cart features a durable ABS plastic molded top board with an ergonomic arc handle, providing a convenient and stable work surface for anesthesia preparation and administration. 

The top board is specifically designed to accommodate anesthesia-related equipment such as syringe pumps, monitors, and airway management tools, ensuring everything is within reach during procedures.

Durability and Resilience 

The construction and design of our Anesthesia Cart are tailored to the rigorous demands of anesthesia environments. 

With a precision-welded steel frame and high-impact panels, the cart offers durability and resilience to withstand the challenges of daily use in busy operating rooms. 

The cart is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with smooth surfaces and materials that are resistant to stains and spills, ensuring a hygienic and sterile environment for anesthesia procedures.


Our Anesthesia Cart can be further customized to meet your specific anesthesia requirements.

Optional accessories such as an IV pole, additional storage compartments, or specialized holders for anesthesia equipment can be added to enhance functionality and organization.


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