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Mobile Medical Isolation Carts for Hospital

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Cuboc provides customized solution to your hospital furniture.

Durability and Mobility

Cuboc's mobile hospital carts features a high-strength ABS body and branded castors, ensuring durability and mobility.

The medication cart includes essential features such as an IV pole, oxygen tank holder, defibrillator shelf, defibrillator board, and a side expandable shelf, providing convenient storage for medical equipment.

Polymer materials for Isolation 

Constructed with lightweight and advanced polymer materials, the cart offers a compact footprint while maintaining durability.

The surfaces of the hospital isolation carts are designed to be easy to clean, promoting a hygienic environment. 

The built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping the cart cleaner between regular cleanings.

Draws for Enough Storage Space

The Mobile Medical Isolation Cart for Hospital features four (customizable)drawers with various depths, providing optimum storage options for medical supplies and equipment. 

The varying depths of the drawers offer flexibility in storing different types of supplies. 

For example, shallow drawers can be used to store smaller items such as syringes, bandages, or medication bottles, while deeper drawers can accommodate bulkier items like medical devices, diagnostic tools, or larger quantities of supplies.

Modular Design

The medical transport carts is constructed with a modular design, which means it is composed of separate components that can be easily assembled and disassembled. 

This modular construction facilitates efficient cleaning and maintenance of the cart. The individual parts can be detached, providing access to hard-to-reach areas, corners, and crevices that may accumulate dust, dirt, or spills.

The smooth surfaces of the cart further contribute to its cleanliness and hygiene. The absence of rough edges, seams, or textured surfaces makes it easier to wipe down and disinfect the cart, ensuring thorough cleaning. 

Smooth surfaces also minimize the potential for bacterial growth and make it more difficult for contaminants to adhere, helping to maintain high cleanliness standards in healthcare environments.


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