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High Back Adjustable Reclining Wheel Chair

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limitless adjustments up to 180°
Hydraulic Reclining System
Frame made of chip-proof carbon steel
Crack-proof aluminum footplates
Padded elevating legrests
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Reclining Backrest and seat

The one-of-a-kind reclining backrest and adjustable seat to hemi-level make this chair an excellent choice for hospital wheelchair use. 

Patients can find their preferred reclining position, whether it's for resting or engaging in various activities.

The ability to adjust the seat to hemi-level provides additional comfort and accommodates individuals with specific height or mobility needs. 

This wheelchair ensures that patients in hospital settings can experience personalized and ergonomic support, promoting their overall well-being and enhancing their comfort during their stay.

Hydraulic reclining system

The state-of-the-art hydraulic reclining system, coupled with the smooth reclining mechanism operated by a finger trigger release, makes this wheelchair a top choice for hospital settings.

Patients can effortlessly adjust the reclining position to find the most comfortable angle for resting or engaging in activities. 

The advanced hydraulic system ensures a seamless and controlled recline, enhancing the overall user experience. 

Composite mag-style wheels

The wheelchair is equipped with composite mag-style wheels, known for their exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. 

The 8" front casters enable smooth and effortless maneuverability, allowing patients to navigate hospital hallways and rooms with ease.

 Additionally, the push-to-lock wheel locks provide secure positioning, ensuring the wheelchair remains stable and stationary when needed. 

These features make the wheelchair a reliable choice for hospital use, as they enhance mobility, safety, and convenience for patients and healthcare providers.

Adjustable Functions

With padded armrests and elevating legrests, patients experience enhanced comfort during extended periods of use. 

The black upholstery not only adds a sleek and professional look but also ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

These features make the wheelchair well-suited for hospital use, providing patients with the necessary support and comfort for their mobility needs while maintaining a clean and visually appealing environment.


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