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Pediatric Hospital Safety Bed

5 0 Reviews
  • Comfort and Positioning
  • Safety and Security
  • Convenience and Accessibility

Comfort and Positioning

The pediatric medical bed offers adjustable back bed tilt, allowing patients to achieve their desired tilt angle (ranging from 0° to 75°) for optimal comfort and positioning. 

Additionally, it features a heart chair position with a high-quality and soft rebound mattress that provides a soothing and comfortable sleeping surface. 

This promotes better sleep quality for children, ensuring a restful and peaceful experience.

 With these features, the pediatric medical bed prioritizes patient comfort and ensures a conducive environment for relaxation and recovery.

Safety and Security

    The pediatric medical bed prioritizes safety and security with its thoughtful features. 

    It is equipped with a retractable guard bar, offering full protection and adjustable guardrails on both sides. 

    With a 4-section height adjustment, it ensures the safety of the child and prevents falls. 

    The bed also features a double lock handle on the retractable guardrail, providing a double safety child lock function that minimizes the risk of accidental falls and ensures the child's security.

     Additionally, the swivel casters of the bed are of high quality, featuring diagonal brakes for smooth and controlled movement. 

    These casters offer stability, allowing for easy maneuverability while maintaining excellent safety performance. With these safety and security features, the pediatric medical bed ensures a secure and protected environment for young patients.

    Convenience and Accessibility

    The bed is equipped with a removable headboard and footboard, which not only allows for easy customization but also features a children's cartoon nameplate, creating a relaxed and child-friendly atmosphere while aiding in child identification. 

    Additionally, the bed includes IV pole holes positioned around the bed, offering convenient fixation and positioning for medical procedures. 

    The bed head and foot are detachable, providing doctors with convenient conditions for patient rescue and care.

     Moreover, the bed features adjustable side rails assisted by gas springs, allowing for three different positions to accommodate patient and healthcare staff requirements. 


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