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Bariatric Electric Hospital Bed for Sale

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  • Patient comfort options
  • Ergonomics for the caregiver options
  • Ease of transport options
  • Bariatric Care System features

Patient comfort options

The bariatric hospital bed offers adjustable sections, including options for tilting, reclining (such as Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg), a leg rest, and height adjustment. 

These features ensure optimal patient positioning and comfort, allowing for easier movement and support during recovery.

Ergonomics for the caregiver options

To enhance caregiver comfort, the bed includes electrically adjustable features such as the backrest and bed height.

This allows caregivers to easily find the most suitable positions for providing care.

 Additionally, the bed may have integrated storage space and an integrated weighing scale, providing convenience and efficiency during patient care.

Ease of transport options

Bariatric electric hospital bed is designed with mobility in mind, featuring casters for easy movement between hospital units. 

The bed may also have pedals accessible from both sides for brake activation and motorized capabilities to assist with patient transportation, ensuring seamless transitions.

Patient safety options

Safety is paramount in a bariatric hospital bed. 

The bed can be equipped with removable bed rails to prevent falls and safety alarms to detect when the bed is empty.

 Additionally, an ultra-low height option reduces the risk of serious falls, while the CPR mode allows for quick adjustment to a horizontal position during resuscitation efforts.

Additional safety features include Power Drive for one-person patient transport,  Patient Movement and Exit Detection to alarm against undesired patient movement, AES for anti-entrapment detection, and SafeSet visual alerts for bed safety conditions and fall prevention.

Bariatric Care System features

Specifically designed for patients weighing up to 454 kg (1000 lbs), the Citadel Plus bed offers flexibility and efficiency. 

Bariatric hospital bed for sale provides variable width and length to accommodate different patient sizes, allowing for easy access through doorways and elevators. 

The system prioritizes patient dignity by blending in with other beds and delivering necessary functionality without stigmatization.


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