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Hospital Mobile Chart Racks for Medical Records

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  • Customized Material for Hospital need
  • Casters for Mobility
  • Designed construction for Long-term Storage
Surface Materal:
Casters Size:

Customized Material for Hospital need

The surface of these  rolling medical chart rack feature faux cherry wood finish, which not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also offers easy cleaning capabilities. 

The thermofoil material ensures durability and allows for hassle-free maintenance, making it ideal for busy hospital environments.

Casters for Mobility

Equipped with a 22" diameter star base. add the 4" rubber casters (2 of which are locking), Cuboc's mobile file racks allows for smooth movement within the hospital environment.

These hospital record racks also boast  built-in handles that facilitates easy transport.

Whether it's moving files between different departments or transporting medical records to patient rooms, the handle ensures convenient maneuverability, saving valuable time for healthcare professionals.

Designed construction for Long-term Storage

The frame of our medical chart racks is constructed using welded steel, guaranteeing strength and longevity. 

Available in light grey or beige, the steel frame provides stability and durability to support the weight of the medical records. 

With a 20 capacity unit, these racks can efficiently hold and organize multiple binders with spine sizes of up to 2.75", ensuring easy accessibility and retrieval of important medical files.


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