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Adjustable Metal Medical Records Storage Shelves

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  1. Adjustable
  2. Metal Material
Offer both versatility and durability, allowing for customizable storage solutions in medical facilities.
Adjustable Range:
Item Weight:


Designed with adjustability in mind, these chart storage shelves can be moved  in 1/2" increments to accommodate any size item to accommodate various sizes of records and chart, ensuring optimal space utilization.

Durable Materal and Coating

The metal material used in the construction of these records storage shelves ensures long-lasting performance and reliable support for medical records. 

The heavy-duty steel frame, finished with a rust-inhibiting, phosphate pretreatment and baked enamel finish, provides excellent durability and resistance to corrosion. 

Best for hospital Storage Solution

With their sturdy metal construction, these medical records shelves offer a secure and reliable storage solution, ensuring that important files are kept safe and easily accessible when needed. 

Choose our Adjustable Metal Medical Records Storage Shelves for reliable, adjustable, and efficient file storage in hospitals.

OEM Available

At Cuboc, we understand the importance of customization when it comes to storage solutions. 

That's why we offer a tailored service for our medical records shelving units , allowing you to choose the color that best suits your hospital's aesthetic and functional requirements. 

With Cuboc, you can create a storage solution that not only meets your practical needs but also reflects your unique style and branding.


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