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The dental reception desk collection utilizes a combination of the finest materials such as MFC, durable HPL laminate, steel, aluminum, toughened glass, and polyurethane to create durable and visually stunning reception units. 

The desk tops are made of tempered white glass, and the frontal part features horizontal aluminum slats that accentuate the modern aesthetic.

LED Lighting

Integrated LED lighting is a central feature of the dental reception desk. 

Positioned under the upper desk top and at the base of the counter, the LED lights provide perfect illumination in darker rooms. 

The front desk corner reception unit, for example, features cool white LED lighting that creates a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

Humanized Design

The dental reception desk prioritize accessibility and inclusivity with their modular design, catering to the needs of people with disabilities. 

The lowered panel allows for comfortable communication for all users, making the dental reception desk range suitable for healthcare facilities and other environments that value clean and sterile aesthetics.


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