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Customised Commercial Boutique Corner Nurse Station Modern White And Brown Curved Reception Desk with Counter

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 This desk features a sleek round shape with a brown and white color combination that adds a touch of elegance to the environment. It is made with high-quality physiochemical panel, electrolytic steel plate, and HPL materials that ensure durability and longevity.

The desk also boasts a custom design, allowing for personalized modifications to meet specific requirements. The wood panel adds a warm and natural feel to the overall look of the desk. The desk also has ample storage, ensuring that essential items are easily accessible while maintaining a clean and organized workspace.

This reception desk is suitable for new office spaces as well as for remodeling existing workspaces. It is a perfect addition to any modern office, providing functionality and style. The combination of physiochemical panel, electrolytic steel plate, and HPL materials make this desk resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and damage from heat and moisture. With its contemporary design and high-quality construction, this reception desk is sure to impress and provide long-lasting use for any office or commercial space.


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