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Medical Backless Adjustable Stool for Desk

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  • Backless Design
  • Heigh Adjustable
  • Moveable
  • Custom available
Weight capacity:

Backless Design

The backless office chair, with its ergonomic design and versatile features, serves as a practical seating option in hospital settings. 

Healthcare professionals in hospitals often require seating that promotes an upright posture and allows for easy movement and maneuverability. 

The backless chair's design encourages active sitting, engaging core muscles and providing freedom of movement. 

It enables healthcare providers to maintain proper posture while attending to their tasks, whether at a desk, workstation, or in collaborative settings. 

Heigh Adjustable

The chair offers adjustable seat height, allowing users to customize their seating position within a 6" vertical range. 

This adjustable feature is made possible by the gas lift mechanism, providing ergonomic benefits and enhancing comfort. 

In hospital environments, where healthcare professionals work at varying heights and need to adapt to different tasks, the adjustable seat height feature ensures optimal ergonomics and facilitates efficient work.


The chair is equipped with dual wheel casters, allowing for easy movement within the workspace. 

Its attractive chrome finish on the base and gas lift adds a touch of style. 

The high-strength steel frame ensures stability and durability, with a focus on resistance to pressure and wear. 

These moveable features make the chair suitable for hospital environments, where mobility and durability are essential for healthcare professionals who need to navigate between workstations and communicate with colleagues effectively.

Adjustable recline angle

The chair allows recline adjustment from 105 degrees to a maximum of 125 degrees

It features a single-lock butterfly base that quickly and easily locks the desired recline angle.

The recline function of the chair enables users to switch between different states such as working, resting, and reading. 

By unlocking the recline, users can effortlessly select the most comfortable angle, providing a relaxed and comfortable sitting experience.

Custom available

Additionally, the chair offers customization options, such as the ability to add a backrest, providing additional support and comfort as needed. 

This customization feature allows healthcare providers to personalize their seating experience based on their individual preferences and ergonomic requirements.


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