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White Leather Rolling Saddle Dental Stool for Medical Exam

5 0 Reviews
Rolling Funciton
Adjustable Height
Saddle Shape
Back support
White Leather
Aluminum Legs
Material :
Seat Height:
  • Cuboc

Silence Rolling Funciton

Experience effortless mobility with our medical rolling stool's smooth and noise-free rolling capabilities. 

The heavy-duty nylon caster wheels are designed to glide seamlessly on all types of floors, allowing you to move around your dental or hospital workspace with ease. 

With reliable and silent rolling, you can focus on your tasks without any distractions or disruptions, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency.

Adjustable Height

With a range from 24.5" to 31", you can easily find the perfect height that suits your comfort and ergonomic needs. 

Whether you need to attend to patients or perform delicate laboratory procedures, our adjustable height rolling stool provides the flexibility to adapt to different workstations and tasks. 

Achieve optimal posture and reduce the risk of strain by effortlessly adjusting the chair to your desired height.

Saddle Shape

Engineered to correct your posture, the unique saddle-shaped dental seat promotes a straight and upright position, reducing stress on your neck and back.

The contoured seat cushion provides exceptional comfort and evenly distributes your body weight, allowing you to sit for longer periods without discomfort. 

Embrace the benefits of our saddle-shaped chair and experience improved comfort and support during your dental or hospital work.

White Leather Cover

Our rolling saddle stool with back support is crafted with superior materials to ensure durability and comfort. 

The sturdy aluminum legs offer stability and long-lasting performance, providing a solid foundation for your seated tasks.

The generous padding of the leather seat delivers plush and supportive cushioning, enhancing your overall sitting experience. 

The chrome base with PU casters not only adds a touch of style but also enables smooth and effortless movement, making it easy for you to navigate your dental or hospital workspace.


The dual swivel casters enable easy movement and provide extra stability, allowing you to navigate your dental or hospital environment effortlessly.

The soft polyurethane wheels are specifically designed to protect delicate flooring surfaces, ensuring a smooth and silent glide without causing any damage. 

With our chair's exceptional mobility features, you can confidently focus on your dental or hospital tasks, knowing that you can move around with ease and precision.


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