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3 Seater Waiting Room Benches Seating For Sale

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  • Material-Quality Steel
  • Sleek and Modern look
  • Structure Support Component
  • Size and capacity
  • Easy Assembly
Arms & Legs Thickness::
Gross Weight:
Maximum Weight Supported:

Material-Quality Steel

The waiting room benches and backrests are made from high-quality die-cut steel in a silver color, offering both style and durability. 

This material is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment in the hospital waiting area.

Ergonomic Design with Backrests

Our waiting room bench chairs with back are designed with a robust structure and ergonomic backrests, ensuring comfortable seating for patients in hospital waiting areas.

Sleek and Modern look 

The 3 seater waiting bench features a durable steel structure in an elegant silver color

 providing a sleek and modern look that complements the overall ambiance of a hospital setting.

Structure Support Component

To ensure stability and durability, the waiting benches for sale is equipped with a horizontal steel bar that strongly supports the entire structure, allowing patients to feel secure and comfortable while waiting.

Size and capacity

With a total size of 178 x 64 x 78 cm (52 cm per seat), our waiting bench provides ample seating space for up to three people.

The size is carefully designed to optimize the use of available space in hospital waiting rooms while providing sufficient comfort to patients.

Besides, Our waiting bench is built to support a maximum weight of 360 kg (120 kg per seat), ensuring that it can accommodate patients of different sizes and weights with ease.

Easy Assembly

The reception bench seating  is conveniently disassembled into three parts, including the seats, rectangular tube, and legs.

 This allows for easy transportation, storage, and hassle-free assembly in hospital waiting areas.


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