The project case of Cuboc hospitality furniture company | One of the largest hospitals in Guangdong Province - Meizhou People's Hospital

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The project case of Cuboc hospitality furniture company | One of the largest hospitals in Guangdong Province - Meizhou People's Hospital

The project case of Cuboc hospitality furniture company | One of the largest hospitals in Guangdong Province 

- Meizhou People's Hospital


Cuboc hospitality furniture company is a professional Medical Furniture manufacturer that Supply to several large hospitals, Meizhou People's Hospital is one of our successful cases. Meizhou People's Hospital (Meizhou Academy of Medical Sciences, Huangtang Hospital) was founded in 1896 and serves more than 20 million people.

Cuboc Medical Furniture (Hongye Furniture Group) was honored to participate in the procurement project of medical furniture for Meizhou People's Hospital and the procurement project of medical cabinets for Meizhou People's Hospital. The overall space was built in strict accordance with the high standards and detailed requirements of the project leader, and finally presented perfectly and delivered successfully.


The "Meizhou People's Hospital Medical Furniture Procurement Project" was evaluated by the bid evaluation committee, and the media publicized the evaluation results. It was determined that Cuboc hospitality furniture company (Hongye Furniture Group) successfully won the bid with 4.79 million yuan.

01 Hospital Furniture for Nurse station



The nurse's station is the workplace of the nurses, where they execute doctor's orders, record the progress of patients, receive emergency calls from patients, control idlers, and receive visitors. Therefore, the pursuit of professionalism and humanization in the design of furniture. Cuboc hospitality furniture company (Hongye Furniture Group) designed an open nurse station to facilitate nurses to work more efficiently.

02 Hospital Furniture for the waiting room



A waiting area is an important place for patients to wait for medical treatment, check and consult their condition.

A quiet, stable, and soothing waiting environment can relieve people's anxiety and tension, and make them feel calm; Cuboc medical chair manufacturers produce hospital waiting room chairs with the same color matching.

03 Hospital Furniture for Hospital wards




The Hospital wards have multiple functions such as treatment, rehabilitation, and life. It integrates healthcare into the Hospital wards' design. The wards have a high degree of privacy, Cuboc healthcare furniture creates a home-like free, and comfortable space.

04 Hospital Furniture for ICU intensive care area



The monitoring level of the ICU and whether the equipment is advanced are important criteria for measuring the level of a hospital. Cuboc hospitality furniture company (Hongye Furniture Group) is equipped with various conventional equipment according to the treatment and nursing needs of the ICU ward.

05 Hospital Furniture for the Operating room




The operating room is an important technical department of the hospital, and the supporting facilities and the Hospital Furniture must meet the requirements of the hospital's anti-infection control.

06 Hospital Furniture for Baby Washing Room


The baby washing pool has a good countertop texture, which can effectively maintain the water temperature and specially set the water level line to prevent the pool water from overflowing when the baby swims. The swimming pool uses an effective horizontal area to provide a more ideal net depth in the pool to meet the safety height requirements of infants when bathing.

07 Hospital Furniture for the Blood drawing area


08 Hospital Furniture for the Examination room


Examination rooms are experimental places for medical examinations, is equipped with physical therapy tables and medical treatment chair. The medical furniture should be easy to clean, easy to disinfect, and can be kept clean for a long time. At the same time, environmental friendly and comfort should also be considered.

09 Hospital Furniture for Dispensing room


The dispensing room is used for preparation, dispensing, infusion therapy, and other operations. There are treatment tables, medical cabinets, consumables cabinets, treatment carts, sink cabinets, and medical waste disposal cabinets in the room.

10 Hospital Furniture for Pharmacy



The medical medicine rack is needed to be strong durability, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust. The design of the medical medicine rack pays special attention to environmental protection, which is convenient for the hospital to keep clean and hygienic, and protects the quality of medicinal materials, moth-proof, and moisture-proof.

11 Hospital Furniture for Disposal room


12 Hospital Furniture for treatment rooms


13 Hospital Furniture for the Locker room


14 Hospital Furniture for Warehouse


The warehouse has a reasonable area and is used to store quilts, medical supplies, etc., with supporting shelves and lockers.

15 Hospital Furniture for Pantry


The hospital pantry is located in a well-ventilated part of the hospital.

16 Hospital Office Furniture


The overall office space focuses on simplicity and practicality. Hospital Office Furniture Office chairs help doctors communicate, improve teamwork, and improving office efficiency.

17 Hospital Furniture for Demonstration classroom


Demonstration classrooms are provided for intern doctors to work, study, attend lectures, etc., and can also be used for meetings. The interior is equipped with conference tables and chairs, audio-visual teaching facilities, projectors, projection screens, network cables, etc. Provide comfortable and efficient study space for medical staff.

18 Hospital Furniture for dormitory


A good rest environment can fully relieve the physical and mental stress of medical staff and restore energy. There are hospital duty beds, wall cabinets, dressing cabinets, vanity mirrors, etc. in the room.

The project can be completed successfully on schedule. In addition to the professionalism of Cuboc hospitality furniture company (Hongye Furniture Group) itself, the recognition and support of our customers is also indispensable. Cuboc Medical Furniture is committed to creating a high-quality, humanized healing environment planning, it provided Meizhou People's Hospital with a series of high-level and innovative medical furniture products.

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