Beijing Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Campus Project

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The Beijing Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Campus project, the largest ongoing comprehensive hospital project in Beijing, affiliated with the Capital Medical University, is currently undergoing electromechanical installation and interior decoration. It is planned to be completed this year.


The construction of the Beijing Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Campus is a concrete measure to implement the development plan for the healthcare industry in Beijing. 

After completion, it will increase the total amount of medical resources in the urban sub-center, optimize the structure of resource allocation, comprehensively enhance the medical service and social public service capabilities of the urban sub-center, and radiate to the eastern part of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei Province, driving regional medical development and providing high-quality medical guarantees for the construction of Beijing's urban sub-center and the health of the people.

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Government released the "Key Task List for the 2023 Municipal Government Work Report," in which accelerating the construction of the Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Campus project became an important content for promoting the balanced layout of high-quality medical resources in 2023.


It is understood that the Beijing Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Campus, whose façade has already been unveiled, is currently undergoing electromechanical installation and interior decoration. 

The overall construction scale of the project is 370,000 square meters, with 2 underground floors and 10 above-ground floors, providing various functions such as outpatient, inpatient, scientific research, and teaching.

 The hospital started construction in November 2019, the exterior was unveiled by the end of 2022, and it is planned to open in April 2024.


The construction area of the Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Campus is 370,000 square meters, and it is expected to be delivered for use in 2023.

The Tongzhou Campus of Anzhen Hospital is located in Liuhe Village, Songzhuang Town, covering an area of 462 acres with a construction area of 370,000 square meters and 10 above-ground floors.

 It is the largest ongoing comprehensive hospital project in Beijing. The construction includes the medical complex building, laboratories, research buildings, teaching buildings, as well as outdoor projects such as roads and green spaces, and supporting municipal projects such as heating and natural gas.

The Tongzhou Campus of Anzhen Hospital is positioned as a "large specialized department, small comprehensive hospital," mainly providing medical services for cardiovascular-related difficult and complex cases, critical care, and basic medical services for residents in the urban sub-center and surrounding areas.

After the Beijing Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Campus is put into operation, the daily outpatient volume is expected to reach 6,500 visits.

 The hospital will establish a National Clinical Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, an International Training and Exchange Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, and other demonstration bases. After completion, the project will become a domestically first-class and internationally renowned high-level innovative hospital.

bird view of hospital

Hongye and Cuboc are leading providers of hospital and nursing furniture solutions for the Beijing Anzhen Hospital Tongzhou Campus project. 

With their expertise in healthcare furniture, they play a crucial role in equipping the hospital with high-quality and functional furniture that meets the specific needs of medical facilities and promotes patient comfort.

 Hongye and Cuboc collaborate closely with the project team to design and supply a wide range of furniture, including hospital beds, patient chairs, examination tables, wardrobes, and other essential furnishings. Their focus on ergonomic design, infection control, and durability ensures that the hospital environment is conducive to efficient medical care and a comfortable patient experience. 

By offering reliable and customized furniture solutions, Hongye and Cuboc contribute to enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of the healthcare facility, ultimately benefiting the patients and medical staff in the targeted area of the project.


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