Essential Furniture for Functional Areas of Inpatient Wards

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The functional areas of inpatient wards are generally categorized into: nurses' stations, wards, resuscitation rooms, disposal rooms, treatment rooms, patients' dining rooms and activity rooms, soiled washrooms, meal preparation rooms, hand-washing and showering rooms, and so on.

Nurse station

Nurses' station is the work base of nurses, mainly responsible for conveying and executing medical instructions, recording and researching the progress of patients' conditions, grasping patients' emergency calls, controlling idle people, and receiving visitors, etc. It is generally used together with nurses' offices. Nurse station is generally located in the middle of the ward, facing the ward, easy to contact with the ward, most of the open layout.

Basic furniture mainly includes:

Computer desk

Work chair

Medical record cart

File cabinet

nurse station


Common forms of wards are two-person rooms, three-person rooms, single rooms, multiple rooms, family-oriented wards, etc.

Basic furniture mainly includes:

Beds and side table

Bedside cabinets


Storage cabinets



Treatment room

The treatment room is generally close to the nurse's station for the operation of drug preparation, dispensing, infusion therapy, etc.

Basic furniture mainly includes:

Treatment table

Drug cabinet

Treatment trolley

Dynamic sterilizer

Sink cabinet


Medical waste disposal cabinet

treatment room

Disposal room

Disposal room should be adjacent to the treatment room for treatment and nursing operations such as puncture, examination, dressing change, enema, etc.

Basic furniture mainly includes:

Diagnostic beds

Treatment cabinets

Consumables cabinets

Instrument cabinets

Treatment carts

Sink cabinets

Disposal room

Doctor's Office

The doctor's office is generally arranged on the north side of the nursing unit. There is better lighting and ventilation in the medical channel, forming a relatively quiet area to avoid outside interference when working.

Basic furniture mainly includes:

Computerized desks and chairs

Filing cabinets


doctor office

By furnishing functional areas of inpatient wards with the right furniture items, healthcare facilities can create conducive environments for patient care, recovery, and overall well-being. From comfortable patient rooms to efficient nursing stations and welcoming common areas, each piece of furniture plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of care provided within inpatient wards.

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