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wooden electric ultra-low hospital bed for patient

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Hongye Furniture Company offers an ultra-low hospital bed designed to ensure the safety and comfort of patients. This electric bed is equipped with a wooden head and footboard, providing a touch of warmth and homeliness to the hospital environment.The ultra-low design of the bed reduces the risk of falls and injuries for the patient. It allows the patient to place their feet firmly on the ground before getting out of bed, promoting independence and reducing the need for assistance.The bed's electric control allows for easy adjustments of the Trendelenburg, Reverse-Trendelenburg, and cardiac chair positions, enhancing the patient's comfort and recovery. The backrest and leg section movements are accompanied by a 100mm auto-regression movement, reducing pressure on the abdomen and ensuring the patient's comfort. The bed's compass height adjustable system and retractable twin wheels provide ease of manoeuvrability and allow the bed to be stopped at any height up to 24 cm from the floor. The control lock/unlock wheels are controlled by steel pedals, providing added safety and security for the patient. Hongye Furniture Company's ultra-low hospital bed is a reliable and innovative solution designed to enhance the safety and comfort of patients. Its features, such as the wooden head and footboard, electric controls, and ultra-low design, make it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals looking for a functional, safe, and homely bed for their patients.

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