Medical Space Package

The design of all furniture is to meet some specific functions, and the idea of medical space furniture is:let these functions become more clear,convenient,full of human feelings and caring,but also conducive to the benign interaction between doctors and patients,to enhance the sense of trust between each other.

The professional nurse station makes great efforts to let the nurses work in a comfortable ​​​​​​​
Hospital Information Desk
Efficient environment and improve the quality of service to the patients.
Hospital Nurse Station
We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.
Waiting Room Wooden chair
Rigorous yet comfortable desks and chairs for a more harmonious and orderly environment
Executive Conference Tables  chairs
The firm durable easy clean public chair is one of essential facilities
Waiting Room Steel Chair
The comfortable and harmonious atmosphere helps to improve the psychological mood of the transfusion crowd.
Infusion area Leather chair
Special material medical hanging cabinets and floor cabinets are moisture and rust resistant.​​​​​​​
Medical Storage Combination
Storage space is expanded to meet the actual requirements of hospitals
Doctor's locker room
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