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light grey hospital bed for patients

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Hongye Furniture Company's hospital bed is a reliable and practical choice for medical facilities prioritizing patient safety and comfort. The light grey bed features a double manual crank system, ABS bed head, and 6 aluminum bars fence that can be adjusted to suit patient needs. The bed also comes equipped with 5" universal castors, 4 of which have brakes, ensuring stability and safety for patients. Other features include 4 soft crashworthy bumpers, 2 urine hooks, and 6 IV drip holes. With dimensions of L2160×W980×H500mm, the bed can adjust the angle of the back section up to 80° (±5°) and the angle of the leg section up to 40° (±5°). Made from an integrated stamping frame and treated with electrostatic spraying, the bed is anti-aging and anti-rust, ensuring durability and longevity. It is also certified by CE, SFDA, ISO13485, ISO9001, and CERTIFICATE OF FREE SALE, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable and trustworthy option. In summary, Hongye Furniture Company's hospital bed is a versatile and practical choice for medical facilities. Its numerous features, certifications, and durable materials ensure patient comfort, safety, and reliability. With its light grey color, this bed can fit seamlessly into any medical facility, making it an excellent investment for healthcare professionals looking for a high-quality hospital bed.

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