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hospital bed with manual crank and adjustable metal clinical medical bed with side rails

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Hongye Furniture Company provides high-quality hospital beds designed for patient comfort and caregiver convenience. The manual crank system allows for easy adjustment of the bed's height, head and foot position, and knee break angle. The sturdy metal frame ensures durability and stability, while the weight capacity of 250kg ensures the bed can accommodate most patients. The adjustable side rails provide additional safety and support, and the non-fade ABS headboard and footboard are durable and easy to clean. The bed is equipped with four weight-bearing wheels with central locking brakes, ensuring easy maneuverability and secure positioning. Our medical beds are designed with the patient's comfort and safety in mind. The adjustable features allow for customized positioning, providing relief for patients who are bedridden or have mobility issues. The side rails provide an added layer of protection, preventing falls and providing support for patients who need assistance getting in and out of bed. Hongye Furniture Company's hospital beds are an excellent choice for healthcare facilities and home care settings. With the manual crank system, adjustable features, and sturdy construction, our beds provide reliable and comfortable support for patients in need.

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