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Wood Headboard Back Bed Fowler Nursing Bed side rail bed for home and hospital rehabilitation

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We offer a reliable and durable Fowler nursing bed that can provide comfort and support for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, or even at home during rehabilitation. Made with high-quality wood materials, this nursing bed ensures stability and sturdiness, giving patients a safe place to rest. The bed's side rails are made of solid wood, providing additional protection and support for patients. Our Fowler nursing bed also features a high-density particle board platform and headboard, ensuring a comfortable and secure sleeping experience for the patient. This nursing bed is not only designed for hospitals and nursing homes, but also for home rehabilitation use. It comes with options like a perforated polymer mattress, ensuring maximum airflow and pressure relief. We understand the importance of providing quality care for patients, and that's why we offer a 2-year warranty and free spare parts for all our Fowler nursing beds.

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