Waiting Area Furniture packages
The hospital public area is the special public place,is one of the hospital important opening environment spaces, is the patient, the accompany personnel 
exchange rests important place, the firm durable easy clean public chair is one of essential facilities, coordinates, the human nature design with the envi-
ronment the chair may become in the hospital a beautiful scenery line, brings the comfortable convenience for the people,causes the environment to be 
more harmonious, comfortable and relaxes.
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for Healthcare Space 
Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes
women\'s hospital
Women's Hospital
Children\'s Hospital
Children's Hospital
Case Applcation Showroom
Reasonable arrangement of medical space,The layout of ward furniture, nurse station reception desk, Public waiting furniture and other projects makes 
the space more spacious and convenient, Fully demonstrating the complete functions of the furniture. “Hongye healthcare furniture mainly reflects the functional, humanized, safe, healing colors, and conveys positive information to users to reflect 'humanistic' care.”
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