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Solid Oak Square Dining Table

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This product requires manual assembly, the required parts are included in the product, there are installation instructions, easy to operate
  • ★Material: The table top is made of natural, sturdy and recyclable bamboo. The table top can be tilted for long periods of time without distortion; the corners are round and polished, making it feel smooth, safe to use, environmentally friendly and sturdy.

  • ★Design: smooth and smooth surface, easy to operate, easy to wipe; anti-rust hardware, spray paint mildew, 360 ° spray paint, anti-mite and mildew; carbon steel screws, strong and not rust, provide enough space for the mouse or books.

  • ★ Multi-functional bamboo notebook table: used for surfing the Internet, eating, coloring, reading, doing homework on the bed, sofa, recliner, floor and so on.


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