Patient Room Furniture Packages
The spacious and bright structure of the ward is separated from the concept of structural filling, and the designers of use various visual and other sensory 
elements to adopt the design concept of integrated ward,which perfectly combines the medical functional space with the warm family residence. Gorgeous 
and elegant decoration,equipped with multi-functional beds and exquisite and comfortable furniture, such as sofa in negotiation area,dining table in dining area,writing table in reading area and other complete sets of household appliances,independent luxury bathroom,which is like a suite of star-rated hotels,
so that patients living here can find the feeling of home.
Cuboc Furniture Showroom 
Address: 5 Floor, Furniture Showroom, Hongye Group
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Nursing Homes
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Reasonable arrangement of medical space,The layout of ward furniture, nurse station reception desk, Public waiting furniture and other projects makes 
the space more spacious and convenient, Fully demonstrating the complete functions of the furniture. “Hongye healthcare furniture mainly reflects the functional, humanized, safe, healing colors, and conveys positive information to users to reflect 'humanistic' care.”
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