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Countertop with Sink And Cabinet Storage

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Dimensions: L910*W670*H850mm

Dimensions: L910*W670*H850mm 1. 1ps stainless steel sink; 2. 1pc standard hot and cold water faucet; 3. Welding of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with electrostatic spraying 4. Premium quality artificial stone countertop, with the performance of stain resistance and permeation resistance; the back of the countertop with rised edge, which is good-looking and easy to clean; 5. Below the countertop is the double-opening cabinet door, the door body adopts an external hanging door body, 270° soft closing hinge, the cabinet door can be fully opened, and the maintenance is more convenient; the cabinet door adopts aluminum alloy handle, which is elegant and durable. Does not take up space; 6. The sink table is equipped with a waterproof cover: U-shaped three sides can achieve complete water blocking, transparent acrylic material, thickness: 4mm, height: 300mm; 7. Stainless steel retractable baseboard, retracted 25mm. 8. Stainless steel one-piece embedded water basin, with mute cotton at the bottom to reduce noise, the inner side of the basin has a diversion groove, basin size: 500*400*210MM"


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